Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

There are many different ailments and injuries that can happen to pets like dogs and cats. Prepare yourself for events like this by finding a dependable veterinarian in your local area. In most areas, you can either go to a veterinary hospital or veterinary clinic to fill this need. In the sections below, we'll talk about these options so you know where to find a pet near you. Pet Vet Clinics For preventive care and minor procedures, choose veterinarian clinics. The staff will include licensed vets who can make diagnoses surrounding the health of your pet. Most veterinarian clinics send blood and urine samples to outside laboratories for testing. For more about the capabilities offered by your local clinic, visit a local veterinarian. Pet Hospitals Two factors make pet hospitals stand out. The first is size. The buildings and staff are both bigger than what you will find with veterinarian clinics. The second is services offered. Dental services, ultrasounds, intensive care, and oxygen therapy are a few of the more advanced services you can find at pet hospitals. When major emergencies occur with your pet, this is often where you will need to go. Animal care clinic Montgomery Village MD